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KE started doing business in 1997 in Brazil, working with brand licensing for local Brazilian top brands. Over the years, the company became one of the biggest fashion brands licensing companies in South America. KE offers a wide range of services, such as fashion product design, importation, sales and distribution in the South American continent, with the goal of meeting the needs of each client. Its headquarters are located in Curitiba, Brazil and the company has one office in Dongguan, China.

These two facilities work on the follow-through of the design and production process. Its office in China is located in the middle of Guangdong’s Pearl River Delta, which is the heart of all sorts of fashion materials factories and fashion source markets. This advantage makes the production process faster from top to bottom.

KE has more than 20 years of cooperation with experienced Chinese and Indian suppliers, which gives its clients a great reliability in our services. All of the company’s partner factories in Asia have safety and quality test certificates.