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The Company

Since 1997 K/E has worked as a Brand Licensed company, and for that it has been consolidated as one of the main players in the segment of fashion accessories in the national market. We create and develop bags, purses and
accessories, on the demand of our licensed brands, according to their
targets regarding public, price and profile. K/E stand a nationwide known quality as for Colcci, Forum, Sommer, among others.

The company is recognized for its continuous innovation and for meeting our clients with high-quality products, modern design and affordable prices, delivering a complete service since product development, production, importation, until the shipment to the stores.

Having an office in China, very close to the biggest production and development center of accessories in the world, K/E is continuously releasing the latest trends, fashion and technology. In every section of the company, we offer the most talented team in order to have all procedures at the highest quality level.